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Name: Terry “the Animal” Russell

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Gear: The Animal’s Cage - 14 piece Tama Custom kit with May’s Direct Micing system, skinned with Aquarian drumheads, all integrated with a 5 piece electronic kit powered by an Alesis DM5 drum module, an array of Sabian Cymbals, chimes, octobons, percussion blocks and bells, a 4 foot Sabian gong, and the Animal’s custom made cage to house it all! He beats them all with Aquarian power sleeve drumsticks and DW pedals.

How long have you been playing?: Terry has been playing 30 years.

Musical Influences: include the incomparable Terry Bozzio, Myron Grumbacher, Lars Ulrich, and Keith Moon for his on stage antics.

Favorite Soldier song: When the Reign Comes Down for the grove.

Hobbies: Terry loves Martial Arts, playing all styles of music (His greatest passion being worship music), and cooking. But the greatest of all these is spending quality time with his family.


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